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Our mission is simple:

Premium Product    Premium Team    Premium Grain

Advanced Storage with
Grain Testing Equipment
  • Commercial truck scale

  • Dickey John GAC 2500 UGMA monitoring test weights, grain temperature & moisture

  • Ohaus Scout & MCI Kicker for dockage calculations

  • Software designed to provide complete documentation

  • Foss Infratec 1241Grain Analyzer

Traceability: We are able to provide documentation from seed purchase to grain in the silo.
  • Integrated pest management

  • On-label applications

  • Certified employees for all applications

  • Crop Safe Network (see example)

Conservation and
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Prescription Farming
  • Soil sampling & yield mapping

  • Variable rate nutrient application

  • Fertilizer prescriptions (see example)

  • Split applications of nitrogen

  • Praxidyn with Mix Mate for precise and fully traceable applications

  • Incorporating precision technology

  • Enhancing soil structure

  • Using no-till farming for optimizing rainfall

  • DTN weather reporting stations strategically placed to provide exact weather data

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